Heart Disease Life Insurance Advice & Questionnaire

Life Insurance with Heart Disease

You can trust us at Special Risk Managers to provide you with the income protection and life insurance advice you need to ensure you are covered for heart disease.

Finding reasonable and affordable cover after suffering from heart disease can be a difficult task. We can provide you with the valuable life insurance advice and assistance to try help you in obtaining the insurance that will cover you in times of need.

Insurance And Heart Disease In Australia

Heart Disease (often referred to as Cardiovascular disease) is a leading cause of premature death in Australia. As a result, many Australian’s have had the misfortune of having their insurance applications declined. If you have suffered from heart disease in the past, the chances that you will be forced to take extended time off work at some point in the future is significantly elevated.

Fortunately, medical advances have drastically improved the outlook for heart disease sufferers. Insurance companies are more willing than ever to consider giving insurance to those with a history of heart disease. The medication and treatment available to those who have suffered from heart disease has meant that it is no longer something that will prevent you from obtaining insurance for yourself.

Whether you have suffered a heart attack, cardiac arrest, angioplasty, bypass surgery, open heart surgery, coronary artery surgery or mitral valve replacement, you may well be able to receive cover. Our speciality is obtaining life insurance and income protection for those with conditions such as these. As such, we are confident in our ability to get  you the best possible rates for your life, disability, trauma and income protection insurance.

Why Choose Special Risk Managers to Obtain Heart Disease Insurance

It is our job to provide heart disease sufferers with the opportunity to receive the insurance cover they deserve.

By dealing with us, you have peace of mind knowing that our life insurance advice is tailored to suit your needs and our expertise enables us to find the best policy to suit your specific medical condition.

It can be hard going it alone to find life insurance, after suffering from heart disease that will adequately cover you. Prevent yourself from going through the hassle and stress of finding the insurance you need and let us provide you with the support and life insurance advice you are looking for.

Heart Disease Insurance Questionnaire


Common questions regarding heart disease and insurance:

Many of our clients have questions when seeking life insurance advice for heart disease Insurance. We have answered a few of the most common questions below for your convenience to assist you in finding the answers that you need:

If you’ve suffered a heart attack you will need to provide specific information about the event, treatments that were taken and any follow up care required. You will also need to provide a doctor’s report.

Yes, you can certainly get some form of life insurance. There are a couple different types of insurance that allow for clients to receive insurance even if they have suffered from heart disease in the past.

Insurance companies will look to your family history, personal medical history as well as your history of how well you have controlled your heart disease. Insurers look to see that you are responsible in administering the appropriate treatment so as to reduce the risks associated with recurrent heart complications.

Heart disease (Cardiovascular disease) can refer to any one of a number of disease that affects the cardiovascular system. These disease include (but aren’t limited to):

Coronary artery disease
Irregular heartbeat
Congenital heart defects
Heart valve problems
Weak heart muscles
Hypertensive heart disease (Hypertension)
Heart failure
Heart murmur
Pulmonary heart disease
Cardiac dysrhythmia
Valvular heart disease
Cerebrovascular disease
Peripheral arterial disease
Congenital heart disease
Rheumatic heart disease
Mitral Valve replacement and prolapse

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