About Us

About Us

At Special Risk Managers, our sole focus is obtaining life insurance for people with a serious medical condition; people who are often considered uninsurable. We began offering this specialised service through an exclusive arrangement with an international reinsurance company. This has evolved over the years and we now leverage our significant knowledge and experience to secure cover for our clients.

Our life insurance clients include people with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart attack and people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy or Crohn’s Disease. In fact, income protection and trauma insurance are also commonly available to people with chronic illnesses (excluding Multiple Sclerosis sufferers).

In addition, Special Risk Managers is able to help people with a history of depression or other mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, and kidney or liver disease secure risk insurance.

Special Risk Managers deals directly with the public and also works with financial advisers to help them secure life insurance for specific clients.

The principals of Special Risk Managers have almost 60 years of international experience in the life insurance industry and enjoy an excellent reputation for their professionalism and ability, particularly in the area of non-standard risk policies.

Special Risk Managers belongs to an umbrella group of insurance risk advisory firms that include Curo Financial ServicesCover Australia and Insurance Claims Advisers.

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