Breast Cancer Life Insurance

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be daunting, no matter what stage it’s in. Aside from dealing with the disease, you’ll also have to find the appropriate Breast Cancer life insurance and income protection policy to protect you and your family. This can make an already tense and anxious situation even more taxing.

Even more troubling is the fact that finding the right insurance coverage can sometimes be a long and difficult endeavour.

If you need professional advice and guidance for getting the right Breast Cancer insurance for your situation, our team at Special Risk Managers will gladly assist you. Whether you’re looking for life insurance and trauma insurance or TPD and income protection, our specialists will help you find your best options.

We’re experts at helping patients with special conditions get the right life insurance for their needs, using our extensive network of insurance providers to find the best coverage. Call us on 1300 665 356 to get started.

Breast Cancer In Australia

According to Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), Breast Cancer is the leading form of cancer diagnosed in Australian women, with around 15,600 women estimated to have been diagnosed in 2015 alone. The organisation also estimates that 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with this cancer before the age of 85.

Breast cancer among men is rare, but it does occur. In fact, the BCNA estimates that around 145 men were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

The number of breast cancer diagnoses is projected to increase, with Cancer Australia estimating around 16,000 new cases (around 15,900 women and 150 men) diagnosed in 2016. Breast cancer is also predicted to be the third most commonly diagnosed cancer this year.

Although finding the right cover for your condition can be difficult, it’s not impossible. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you find the best breast cancer life insurance options. We’ll explore your different options and find affordable and comprehensive cover according to the severity of your condition. This way, you’re less likely to pay unnecessary premiums and fees.

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    Breast Cancer Overview

    Contrary to popular belief, there are actually different types of breast cancer. Each has its own set of symptoms and complications, with different treatment options and management strategies.

    The following are some of the different types and subtypes of Breast Cancer as categorised by Breast Cancer Network Australia:

    Non-Invasive Breast Cancer

    Non-invasive breast cancers are cancers that have not yet affected normal breast tissues.

    • Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) – This is the most common type of non-invasive cancer. Although this is not immediately life threatening, it can develop into a more serious invasive breast cancer if not treated early and properly.
    • Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) – this form of cancer grows in the breast’s milk-producing glands (CALLED LOBULES). Like DCIS, LCIS is usually non-life threatening, but it can develop into an invasive form of cancer later if not treated.

    Invasive Breast Cancer

    Invasive breast cancers are types of breast cancer that affect and attack healthy breast tissue.

    • Early Breast Cancer – this form of cancer is contained inside the breast that may or may not have spread to surrounding lymph nodes.
    • Paget’s Disease of the Nipple – this is a rare form of breast cancer characterised by the growth of cancer cells in the nipple or the area around the nipple.
    • Inflammatory Breast Cancer – this is one of the rarer forms of breast cancer that affects blood vessels in the breast’s skin. Unlike most other forms of breast cancer that start as a lump, this cancer normally begins with a reddening and inflammation of the breast.
    • Locally Advanced Breast Cancer – a form of breast cancer that is particularly large (usually bigger than 5cm) and has spread to other areas surrounding the breast.

    Hormone Receptor Positive, HER2 Positive, Triple Negative Breast Cancer

    • Hormone Receptor Positive – a form of breast cancer that relies on the female hormones oestrogen and/or progesterone to grow. About two-thirds of breast cancers diagnosed are this form.
    • HER2-positive – a type of breast cancer characterised by the excess production of the protein HUMAN EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR 2 (HER2) caused by cancer cells.
    • Triple Negative – characterised by the absence of the three common receptors in breast cancer cells, namely oestrogen, progesterone, and HER2.No matter what type of breast cancer you may have been diagnosed with, rest assured we’ll help you find the best coverage you can get for your condition and circumstances. This way, you can get the protection and preparation you need to face your condition head on. Call us on 1300 665 356 to start getting the assistance you need.

    Get Professional Advice for Breast Cancer Life Insurance

    A breast cancer diagnosis is a tremendous challenge for anyone, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the end for you or your family. With the right insurance coverage, you can have the options to better deal with the disease and prevent it from destroying your life and the lives of your family members.

    We understand, however, that finding the right breast cancer life insurance and its related conditions can be difficult. It’s a complicated disease that many insurance companies avoid because of its unpredictability and inherent risks. But do know that it’s not impossible to get the insurance you need to deal with breast cancer. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you find your best insurance options for breast cancer and any complications related to it. Whether you’re looking for life insurance, TPD, trauma insurance, or income protection, our specialists will give you the guidance and assistance you need to protect your future with life insurance.

    We’re experts at helping patients with special conditions get the insurance options they need, and we’re confident we can help you get the coverage you’re looking for.

    Call us on 1300 665 356 to get professional advice and recommendations for your situation. Alternatively, you can also fill out and submit our GET A QUOTE form above to get more detailed information for your case. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you get the options you need to properly deal with breast cancer and protect the future of you and your family.