Addison’s Disease Life Insurance

Addison’s Disease Life Insurance and Income Protection

If you are suffering from Addison’s disease and you are having a hard time obtaining insurance through the standard application processes, turn to Special Risk Managers. We have experience and a long history helping to find the best Addison’s Disease life insurance and income protection cover possible for individuals with a wide range of health conditions including Addison’s disease.

No matter how mild or severe your condition is, it is worthwhile to speak with us before taking on the insurance providers on your own. We will assess your eligibility for Addison’s disease life insurance and find cover with the best price and policy conditions for your specific needs.

Finding adequate life insurance and income protection to help you in your time of need after being diagnosed with an illness such as Addison’s disease is our specialty. We will be by your side, offering advice and hunting down insurance so you feel secure with the very best cover available for your condition.

Getting Life Insurance and Income Protection With Addison’s Disease

Seeking Life Insurance or Income Protection when you have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to help! At Special Risk Managers, we will walk you through the process of getting cover and offer you the right advice.

To gain Life Insurance and Income Protection cover, it is important that you are completely honest about your condition to the insurance provider. Despite your condition, in many cases, individuals with Addison’s disease will be able to qualify for Life Insurance and Income Protection cover. There are a number of areas to be considered to determine the type and level of cover you will be eligible to receive.

If you are compliant with your medication and have been able to prevent adrenal crisis for as long as possible, you will be viewed in a positive light by life insurance underwriters. For the possibility to receive standard Life Insurance and Income Protection rates for Addison’s Disease cover, it is likely that you will need to:

  • Have had the condition for a year or more
  • Continue to take medication as directed over this period
  • Prove Cancer is ruled out as cause of diagnosis
  • No hospital visits have occurred over this time
  • You are often required to have the condition for a decent length of time to show that the treatment and medication you receive works and that your condition is relatively stable.


The insurance cover you receive largely depends on the severity of your condition.

If you have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease early and your symptoms are controlled and other potential hormonal imbalance related conditions like diabetes are prevented, you should be in a good standing to receive the cover you need.


The longevity of your condition will also be considered to determine the extent of damage to the adrenal glands and thus your eligibility for cover. If you can show you have regularly scheduled visits to your endocrinologist to give you the best chance at controlling and managing the condition, you are likely to be viewed in a positive light by the life insurance underwriters.

If all of this sounds too daunting for you, hand the responsibility of seeking out the insurance you need to us at Special Risk Managers. We will do our best to find the cover you have been looking for and provide the best possible outcome.

Although finding the right cover for your condition can be difficult, it’s not impossible. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you find the best Addison’s Disease life insurance options. We’ll explore your different options and find affordable and comprehensive cover according to the severity of your condition. This way, you’re less likely to pay unnecessary premiums and fees.

Call us on 1300 665 356 to get started. We’re experts at helping patients find appropriate life insurance, trauma insurance, total and permanent disability cover, and income protection insurance for special and difficult conditions.

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    About Addison’s Disease

    Addison’s disease is a rare progressive, hormonal disorder where the adrenal glands are unable to produce enough of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Cortisol is needed in your body to maintain metabolic processes including blood pressure and the vascular system.

    Aldosterone is also needed to maintain blood pressure and vascular systems as well as maintain your salt balance.

    This conditions affects about 1 in 100,000 people and can occur in all age groups. In Australia, the disease affects about one in 40,000 people. For more information about Addison’s disease in Australia, visit the Australian Addison’s Disease Association website.

    If you have been inflicted with this condition, you can find all of the information, help and support you need for your condition right here.

    Addison’s Disease Causes

    There is a wide range of causes for Addison’s disease which results in adrenal insufficiency. Most cases are caused by a negative autoimmune response which attacks the adrenal glands over time. This autoimmune response is classed as primary adrenal insufficiency.

    Primal adrenal insufficiency is classed into two types. Type 1 occurs in children with adrenal insufficiency accompanied by other symptoms including underactive parathyroid glands, chronic candida, pernicious anaemia and chronic active hepatitis.

    Type 2 is often called Schmid’s syndrome and usually affects young adults. The symptoms of this type can include an underactive thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus and slow sexual development. Chronic infections such as fungal infections, spreading cancer cells and removal of the adrenal glands can also cause primary adrenal insufficiency.

    Secondary adrenal insufficiency is another possible cause of Addison’s disease which involves the lack of ACTH which causes a drop in the production of cortisol but not aldosterone from your adrenal glands. This can result from taking Glucocorticoid hormones for a long time and stopping the medication.

    This medication is often a form of treatment for a range of inflammatory illnesses. The surgical removal of benign or noncancerous ACTH-producing tumours of the pituitary gland could also result in secondary adrenal insufficiency.

    They type of adrenal insufficiency you hold and the causes of your condition are likely to contribute towards your eligibility to receive cover. Contact us for advice on the life insurance and income protection cover you can expect to receive based on your condition.

    Addison’s Disease Symptoms

    Typically the symptoms of this condition can be hard to detect at first because they progress gradually. The symptoms of Addison’s disease often includes chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle weakness and weight loss. About 50% of cases may also experience nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting.

    Low blood pressure is another common symptom to look out for and blood pressure can fall further when standing, resulting in dizziness or fainting. Skin changes are another visible symptom which often involves hyperpigmentation or dark tanning of areas of the skin. As salt loss is often associated with this disease, craving of salty food is common.

    Because the development of symptoms progress gradually, often symptoms are ignored until an addisonian crisis occurs. An addisonian crisis often involves a stressful event, illness or accident that results in symptoms becoming worse.

    The Better Health Channel Addison’s disease web page from the Victorian State Government provides a simple summary of symptoms to look over if you believe you are afflicted by the condition. Please ensure you see a doctor for a qualified diagnosis.

    Diagnosis of Addison’s Disease

    Diagnosis can be difficult in the early stages as many symptoms mimic other conditions. However, a diagnosis can eventually be made by reviewing a patient’s medical history and observing dark tanning of the skin which is a common visual symptom for this condition.

    Biochemical laboratory tests will provide conclusive proof of the condition by determining if there are insufficient levels of cortisol in your body. X-ray exams of the adrenal glands can also help to establish a cause of the condition to ensure the very best treatment option is made available to you.

    Treatment For Addison’s Disease

    Addison’s disease is a lifelong condition so it is important for you to adhere to the medical treatment prescribed by your doctor so that you can maintain a good quality of life and prevent the development of serious complications.

    The treatment for this condition typically includes hydrocortisone and prednisone. If aldosterone is deficient, a medication such as fludrocortisone will be included in your treatment. This medication is vital to replace the steroid hormones that are lacking in the body.

    It is important that you comply with your regular medication to receive the best chance of gaining the life insurance and income protection cover you need. If your condition has not been controlled for some time, this medication is likely to be administered intravenously which results in loading of steroid drugs.

    If you let your condition deteriorate to a state where this form of medication is required, the likelihood of receiving the cover you need will be greatly reduced. If this is the case, give yourself the best chance of receiving cover by allowing the experts at Special Risk Managers to help you. We will do our best to find you the best Life Insurance and Income Protection cover possible.

    Contact Special Risk Managers For Life Insurance Whilst Having Addison’s Disease

    At Special Risk Managers we are dedicated to securing affordable life insurance for conditions that are often considered to be uninsurable, and Addison’s disease is one condition that is often classed under this category.

    We help to find and secure cover for a wide variety of conditions and health issues including Addison’s disease so you can trust us to do our very best to find life insurance and income protection that covers Addison’s disease after diagnosis. We have the experience and expertise to help you with the application process and help you secure the cover you need for your medical condition.

    Contact us today by calling us at 1300 66 53 56 for any questions you may have. You can also fill in our enquiry form online to receive a quote quickly and easily. For your best possible chance of obtaining Addison’s disease life insurance and income protection you need, contact us at Special Risk Managers today.