Bowel Disorder Life Insurance

Although most cases of bowel disorders are not considered fatal, their toll on your body and daily life can be significant. Not to mention the many expenses for treatment and medication that can quickly add up over the years. If you’ve been diagnosed with a bowel disorder and have found it difficult to find the right life insurance cover to support your condition, then Special Risk Managers can help you.

We’re Australia’s leading experts in finding life insurance for those with serious medical conditions, which includes many of the most common bowel disorders that people experience today. Whether you’re looking for whole life insurance, TPD insurance, trauma insurance, or income protection, our specialists will help you get the coverage you need.

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Types of Bowel Disorders

Bowel disorder is a general term used for any condition that affects or damages the normal function of the bowels, especially the small intestine. Some bowel disorders also affect the large intestine and parts of the digestive system. The most common types of bowel disorders include:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – a bowel disorder characterised by the recurring presence of abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and/or constipation. This is one of the most common forms of bowel disorder that affects the general population.
  • Crohn’s Disease – a disease characterised by chronic inflammation on the bowel. Like IBS, Crohn’s Disease is one of the most common forms of bowel disorders.
  • Coeliac Disease – a disease that causes damage to the bowel because of the abnormal reaction of a patient’s immune system to gluten.
  • Bowel Obstruction – also known as Intestinal Obstruction. This is any condition that causes a blockage in the small or large intestines, causing problems in digestion and normal function of the bowels

Although finding the right cover for your condition can be difficult, it’s not impossible. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you find your best life insurance options for bowel disorders. We’ll explore your different options and find affordable and comprehensive cover according to the severity of your condition. This way, you’re less likely to pay unnecessary premiums and fees.

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Life Insurance Complications With Bowel Disorders

Bowel disorders are rarely fatal, but they’re often long-term conditions that complicate the lives of those who have them. Many forms of bowel disorders are lifelong cases, and long-term care and treatment are typically required to manage symptoms and prevent flare-ups. This potential constant strain on an applicant’s life makes it a considerable risk factor in the eyes of most insurance providers.

It also doesn’t help that many bowel disorders can be highly unpredictable, with many having unknown causes and symptoms that reappear even after undergoing successful treatment in the past. This unpredictability can lead to insurance providers assessing your condition at a higher risk level than normal, especially if you have a medical history of bowel disorders.

When it comes to assessing risk levels among applicants with bowel disorders, many insurance providers typically evaluate the following factors:

  • Severity of Condition – The more severe a case is, the higher the risk the insurance provider naturally assumes. This can be particularly problematic for some people because the onset and severity of symptoms can sometimes be erratic.
  • Medical History – Have you recently been diagnosed with a bowel disorder? Or have you had it for several years now and have been undergoing treatment and preventive care? Insurance providers tend to prefer later diagnoses of bowel disorders, with long gaps between flare-ups.
  • Surgery and Treatment – Did you recently have surgery to treat your bowel disorder? Many insurance companies delay the processing of applications until several months after a surgery. Those who have had surgery to treat IBS, for example, may find insurance providers delaying their application between 6-12 months after surgery. They do this to avoid the risks of surgery complications, which can present themselves during this period.
  • Medication and Treatment Plans – Your treatment plan – including any medication you’re taking for bowel disorder – and your response to these treatments will affect how an insurance company assesses your level of risk. The more manageable your case and the better your response to these treatments, the lower your perceived risk will be.

Bowel Disorders In Australia

Given the many forms that bowel disorders can take, it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the most prevalent conditions affecting Australians today.
Irritable bowel syndrome, for example, has become one of the most common conditions that Australians face today. According to the Better Health Channel, around one in five Australians experiences (or has experienced) symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Crohn’s & Colitis Australia, meanwhile, notes that more than 75,000 Australians live with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The organisation also states that Australia has one of the highest prevalence of these conditions around the world. This number of cases in Australia is expected to increase over the next several years, with estimated figures exceeding 100,000 by 2022.

Although not as common as IBS or Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease is still fairly common among the Australian population. According to Coeliac Australia, around 1 in 70 Australians is affected by coeliac disease, and up to 80% of these cases remain undiagnosed.

Why Choose Special Risk Managers

If you have any form of bowel disorder and have found it difficult to get the right life insurance for your condition, know that there’s hope for your case. Getting appropriate life insurance with a bowel disorder may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Contact Special Risk Managers today to get help in finding the coverage you’re looking for.

As Australia’s leading specialists in finding life insurance for those with serious medical conditions, we have the experience and knowledge to find your best options and get your application approved. We’re renowned for our ability to help those who’ve been rejected by standard insurance companies before, and we’ve even helped those who most companies consider “uninsurable”.

Whether you’re after whole life insurance or policies for trauma insurance, TPD insurance, or income protection, our insurance specialists will see to it that you have the best options available. At Special Risk Managers, we won’t let a bowel disorder stop you from having the cover you want and the protection you need.