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Arthritis is one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world, affecting both old and young alike. It’s also a particularly debilitating condition, especially if it’s in its advanced stages. Because of the harm it can do and the fact that most types of arthritis end up becoming lifelong conditions, it’s important for those with rheumatoid arthritis to get the right arthritis life insurance and income protection for their needs.

Unfortunately, getting the right coverage for arthritis can be difficult. Because of its complexity and unpredictability, many insurance companies avoid granting fair or appropriate cover for arthritis and other related conditions.

Despite this, know that it’s not impossible to get the right arthritis life insurance or income protection for arthritis. If you have arthritis and want to protect yourself in the future with proper cover, Special Risk Managers will gladly help you get it. We have the expertise, experience, and connections to help you find the right rheumatoid arthritis life insurance cover for your needs.

Arthritis in Australia

Arthritis is one of the most common medical conditions in Australia, affecting around 3 million people (or about 15% of the population) according to a 2014 report by Arthritis Australia. This report also cites arthritis as the second leading cause of disability in the country and the leading cause of chronic pain.

According to the same study, 54% of respondents reported arthritis as occasionally limiting to their daily life while as many as 37% reported it as always affecting their daily life.

The three most common types of arthritis in the country, according to Arthritis Australia, are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. Together, they make up 95% of all arthritis cases reported in the country.

With no definite cure for most types of arthritis yet, it’s critical for patients to manage their symptoms as well as they can and to get proper protection in case their condition worsens or their livelihood becomes affected.


Most people think that arthritis is a singular disease, but it’s actually an umbrella term that encompasses more than 100 medical conditions. In simplest terms, arthritis is a musculoskeletal condition primarily characterised by the inflammation of one or more joints.

This inflammation, in turn, can cause a number of other conditions and complications.

Common symptoms include:

  • Joint weakness
  • Pain in and around affected joints
  • Painful movement
  • Joint deformities
  • Muscles aches
  • Tenderness in affected areas
  • Stiffness

Although finding the right cover for your condition can be difficult, it’s not impossible. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you find your best life insurance options for arthritis. We’ll explore your different options and find affordable and comprehensive cover according to the severity of your condition. This way, you’re less likely to pay unnecessary premiums and fees.

Call us on 1300 665 356 to get started. We’re experts at helping patients find appropriate life insurance, trauma insurance, total & permanent disability cover, and income protection insurance for special and difficult conditions.

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    Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection For Arthritis

    Special Risk Managers may well be able to help you get insurance even if you suffer from one of the various types of arthritis. Some of the types of arthritis include:


    Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis not just in Australia but also around the world. It involves the breaking down of protective cartilage and fluid inside joints.

    Osteoarthritis is typically caused by a previous injury or accumulated stress in the affected joint, but hereditary factors can also make some people more susceptible to it than others.

    Once the cartilage has broken down completely, the bones in the joint may end up rubbing against each other, which can be very painful and physically limiting for the patient.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Unlike most other forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an autoimmune disorder that attacks the patient’s joints. The exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis isn’t completely understood yet but it’s thought to be caused by both genetic and environmental factors.

    Although rheumatoid arthritis primarily affects the joints, it can also cause complications to other organs in the body such as the skin, kidneys, and heart.


    Gout is a form of arthritis that typically causes inflammation of joints in the feet (particularly the big toe), ankles, knees, and other limbs. The primary cause of gout is the build-up and crystallisation of uric acid in the affected joint.

    Unlike most other forms of arthritis that take time to develop, gout can occur abruptly, sometimes overnight. Those who have higher levels of uric acid in their bloodstream are also more susceptible to gout than others.

    Juvenile Arthritis

    Juvenile arthritis is an umbrella term for arthritis that affects those below 16 years old. The most common form of this is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) – also known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) – which is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of particular joints. According to Arthritis Australia, more than 6000 Australian children (which includes babies and toddlers) are affected by JIA.

    Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects the spine, and, occasionally, the sacroiliac joint in the pelvis. According to Arthritis Australia, this form of arthritis affects about 2% of the Australian population and is more commonly found in men than in women. Like other forms of arthritis, the exact causes of ankylosing spondylitis are not known. And although there is no definite cure for it yet, its symptoms can be managed with proper medication and treatment.


    Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that affects connective tissues in the body. Although it commonly affects the skin (scleroderma roughly translates to “hardening of the skin”), it can also affect connective tissue under the skin such as the muscles and bones. Like other forms of arthritis, scleroderma has no known cure, although symptoms can be managed with proper medication and lifestyle adjustments.

    Whatever your arthritis or medical condition may be, just talk to our team by calling 1300 66 53 56 and we’ll help you find the most comprehensive and affordable options.

    Find The Right Arthritis Life Insurance Cover Today

    If you have arthritis and are finding it difficult to find the right insurance cover for your condition, Special Risk Managers can help you get what you need. We specialise in getting cover for clients who have been previously declined or have special medical conditions that many insurance companies typically avoid.

    So whether you’re looking for the most appropriate cover for your case or the right advice for getting your application approved, our experts will help you take the next step forward.