Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance

It’s no secret making an application for a Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance and Income Protection policy when in the best of health can feel a bit confronting. Many Australians worry that the smallest things – such as occasionally skipping the gym or having an extra piece of chocolate – can have a huge and decisive impact on their application. In reality, common sense applies to such things, and applicants always find this out.

Just the same, it’s true that there are some health concerns and medical conditions that can have a big impact on an application for life insurance. One of them is the condition known as Barrett’s Esophagus. So how does having this condition impact a life insurance or income protection policy? Let’s look now in-depth.

What is Barrett’s Esophagus?

Barrett’s Esophagus is a condition where the process called intestinal metaplasia occurs. When tissue that usually lines the esophagus – the muscular tube between the mouth and stomach that carries food and liquids – is supplanted by tissue that resembles that found in the intestinal lining.

It is important to recognise that Barrett’s Esophagus can have varying symptoms from one person to another. Certain illnesses show consistent symptoms across the entire population however this is not the case with Barrett’s Esophagus, and it can mean that not only is diagnosis of Barrett’s Esophagus often difficult initially, but that there is no ‘one size fits all’ assessment of a life insurance policy application for someone that has Barrett’s Esophagus.

Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance Application

While Barrett’s Esophagus as a condition is indeed complex, our team at Special Risk Managers have significant expertise and years of industry experience when it comes to assessing the ability for sufferers to acquire Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance and Income Protection.

To ensure we acquire an accurate understanding of your current life circumstances, while also taking the time to ensure your condition is properly understood, we will need to spend time speaking with you and reviewing your medical reports.

Although finding the right cover for your condition can be difficult, it’s not impossible. At Special Risk Managers, we’ll help you help determine your Barrett’s Esophagus life insurance and income protection options for Barrett’s Esophagus.

Call us on 1300 665 356 to get started. We’re experts at helping people find appropriate life insurance, trauma insurance, total & permanent disability cover, and income protection insurance for special and difficult conditions.

Life Insurance and Income Protection with Barrett’s Esophagus

While esophageal cancer can arise as a result of Barrett’s Esophagus, it remains rare overall. Accordingly, it is likely to have little impact on assessment of a life insurance policy.

Yet, because of the additional risk, it will be necessary to anticipate a couple of special questions during the application process. This will help ensure there is an accurate assessment of the risk level your preexisting Barrett’s Esophagus condition has on your life overall, as well as its potential to impact it further in future.


Questions such as the following can commonly feature:

  • When were you first diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus?
  • What symptoms did you have?
  • Have you ever had any pre-cancerous cells discovered?
  • Has your condition ever advanced to a stage it required any surgical procedures?
  • What treatment are you currently undergoing to treat Barrett’s Esophagus?
  • Is there Dysplasia?

Working with Special Risk Managers

We understand there is more to life than a medical diagnosis and it is crucial to find a financial adviser that takes the time to understand yourself and your medical condition.

So if you’re an Australian with Barrett’s Esophagus and now wish to obtain life insurance or income protection, we invite you to contact us to discuss your options.

Call us today at 1300 66 53 56 to find out how we can help with your Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance and Income Protection application so you can protect and secure your future.